Userfeeds is a discovery platform based on economic signals. Tok'n'talk is its application.


Prototyping, high-fidelity, user interface development, communication.

In collaboration

Piotr Wojtczak

Animation & Art Direction


Fourteen months

06.2017 - 08.2018

Userfeeds is a protocol that connects subjective statements with objective ownership.

Thesis draft


Tokens, transactions, addresses, smart contracts, on-chain events.


New connection between blockchain addresses and arbitrary information.


Likes, votes, comments, posts, images, reactions, upvotes.

These connections can be ranked that results in an information feed.

Different sets of applications can be built in a spectrum of these messages, utilising different ranking methods.

Any action performed on any interface can influence the ranking of all the other interfaces in a different way.

Tok'n'talk was a second application built on top. It's a social platform for token owners.

Chatty tokens

Social media that only the holders of an asset or a collectible can take part in. It lets you discover the communities around your holdings, interact with the crypto sphere using your NFTs or addresses and create your own clubs while earning tokens of your choice.

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Accessible trust

We wanted to combine the trust inherent to blockchain systems, and the flexibility of off-chain/traditional networks.


The world’s most successful blockchain game

Building a great user experience for a new social platform can be a daunting challenge, but the Tok’n’talk team met it head on.

New form of avatars

We tied information to scarce resources to make it valuable. As a result, we could see consensual motivations behind subjective statements.

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Different monetization models

I was communicating alternative monetization options available for the end user.

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